Friday, September 28, 2007

Am I Back?

I can't say for sure. Thank you for checking in on me while I was on hiatus.

I have some really good news, I bought a condo and I'm moving to a nice neighborhood and will be working .8 miles from my work. Yes, that was .8 miles. I'm very excited. I'll be painting and packing all weekend as I'm moving next Friday.

I do have some bad news. I'm afraid that Smokey is not doing so well. He has 3 tumors in his bladder. One of the tumors is causing problems in that he is having trouble urinating and he also urinates a lot of blood. The tumor causing the problem is inoperable. We're going to try some medication to try and shrink the tumors to see if that helps. Hopefully, it will help. So, once again, please keep your fingers crossed for my baby.

Rocky is doing well, he's still a nut, but very comical and very sweet.

I have nothing else new to report. I don't know when I'll be back to post again, but I'll still continue to check your posts in the mean time.