Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You Say It's Your Birthday!!

Today is my birthday. This is how I celebrated. I woke up, had coffee watched yesterday's Oprah and went back to sleep for about 3.5 hours. I woke up to 3 voicemails and 2 text messages.

After showering and having lunch, I started cleaning my spare bedroom. Didn't get very far because I realized I needed packing tape and I decided I would go get some packing tape and treat myself to a birthday ice cream. I went outside to my car and discovered that I had a flat tire.

An hour later the road side assistance kid is changing my tire and he is peering into the tire well and turns to me and says, you need front brakes and I definitely wouldn't wait. Oh great. New brakes. I called the dealership just so I have something to compare to and they said it would be $500 installed. Wow. I went to VIP, got my tire fixed for $4 and left with the tire fixed and the spare back in the trunk. Yaye.

I went over to my brothers and they gave me a step ladder for my birthday. Don't feel bad, I did ask for it. We are actually going to celebrate my birthday on Sunday.

So I am on vacation this week and have spent 2 entire days being a human vegetable and damn if it didn't feel good. I sent the dogs away so I could relax and get some rest.

To sum up, I spent my birthday cleaning, sleeping and eating by myself. Go me. Oh and crying, but don't worry, I think that's the PMS, not something more serious.

Happy Birthday to me! Does anyone know any single guys for me?