Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Check out the skyline!

Tonight we have been having one thunder storm after another. Well, we had the first one, the rain was really bad, the sky had gone black. It was about 8:15pm when it kind of stopped and I looked out the window and it looked like broad daylight outside!! So I went to look and this is what I saw! I ran to get my camera. I think it's beautiful and eerie at the same time, and while it's certainly not my rack, it's still impressive.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

No Consideration!!!!

There they are, my babies. Aren't they beautiful? Anyway, Zeke is the big one and Smokey is the smaller one. They have helped me through some rough times as well as driven me absolutely freakin crazy.

I love my dogs, so I do various things to protect them, such as, not letting them run loose so that they don't get lost or worse, hit by a car. I have ID tags on them so that if they did wander off they can be returned. I keep their shots up to date. I bathe them.

My neighbor on the other hand is not so dilligent. My neighbor had this big vicious mutt thing that was out of control. I went away for a week and when I came back the ginormous dog was gone and there was a husky puppy in its place. While this puppy is very cute, it is very obnoxious.

My neighbor lets this puppy run lose, probably not a smart idea since they live closer to the street than any of us. So this puppy likes to come into my yard when I'm walking my dogs. And my poor dogs would like nothing more than to chase the puppy out of their yard. But alas, being a proper pet owner, I keep them leashed. All they can do is lunge and choke themselves and bark their heads off. This has happened on numerous occasions. Now when the female bitch neighbor comes over, she gives me a dirty look like it's my fault that her puppy is in my yard. She doesn't even apologize. So when she's walking away, I always yell, "No problem, don't even worry about it." She usually looks back and gives me a death look. When the male neighbor comes over he apologizes. I always smile and say "It's quite alright."

So last night, I bring the dogs outside and Blaise the inconsiderate puppy comes running up to us. This time he gets close enough to sniff my dogs. Meanwhile, my dogs are freaking out, barking growling, I got the feeling that they're not fond of Blaise. Then Blaise did the ultimate no no, he sniffed me. Zeke got extremely angry and attacked Blaise. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Zeke is crippled and when I gave a good yank, he fell into a sit position. This allowed Blaise to turn his attention to Smokey who was happily sniffing Blaise's butt. Anyway, no one was hurt in the incident. But my male neighbor came over and said to me, "We're trying to teach him to stay in the yard." To which I replied, "You're not doing a very good job."

I have no patience for inconsiderate people and these people are so inconsiderate.

Commericals Take 2

I can't believe that I forgot to mention the Sharpie mini commerical. The best commercial that just makes me laugh. It's the one where the kid is coloring in the bumper of a car and then he gets back into the Driver's Ed car and the instruction has all the Sharpie Mini's hanging off of the rearview mirror. Then the kid backs up and hits a blue car and the instructor grabs the blue marker. I think that it's the look on the instructor's face that makes this commercial so damn funny.

Anyway, that one just makes me laugh every time.

Oh yeah, the other one that I really enjoy, and then I'm done I swear, is the Camry $199 a month Leash. The one where the dog tells his owner about the great Leash on the Camry. The owner laughs and says Lease, and the dog says, OHHHHHHHH. That's some good stuff.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


I love commercials. Sometimes, I would prefer to watch the commercials over the T.V. show. I love to watch the Superbowl, just so I can see the new commercials.

What are some of my favorites you ask? I love the 6 Flags commercials with the old guy dancing. I love the Skittles one with the Sheepboys. I also enjoy the Aquafina Flavor Splash commercials.

I think the one that cracks me up the most and I have no idea why is the Pine-Sol commercial, you know the one with the guy in the hospital. I love that commercial. I love when the spokeswoman comes out from behind the curtain and says, "That's the power of Pine-Sol baby." And the guy sitting in the hospital bed looks at her and says, "Hi." And she responds, "hi." And then the guy just sits there looking dumbfounded. I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL!! I am sitting here cracking up just thinking about it.

One of my other all time favorites is the Beneful commerical, the one with the dancing dog. I love that one.

Let's not forget the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper commerical. You know the one, where the woman is on a blind date and she starts drinking her soda and everyone in the restaurant is singing. If you haven't seen it, check out the link and watch it. Truly classic.

I have to give these advertisers a lot of credit. They come up with some pretty funny, creative things that make me and other people I'm sure, just sit there like a zombie and watch their advertisements.

Those are the only commercials that I can think of for right now, well at least the ones that mesmerize me and make me stayed glued to my spot until the commercial is over.

Please feel free to share some of your favorites.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves!!! I know that we all have them. Luckily this is my blog and I get to tell you about mine. But you may feel free to leave some of yours in the comments section.

I have a few pet peeves, like someone who says they're going to call you and then they don't, and also people that will put their friends down when they are in a group because they think that they are being funny or it makes them feel better about themselves.

One of my biggest pet peeves, people who hum. People who hum in the bathroom, in the grocery store and the one place that drives me mad, right behind me in my freaking ear when I'm standing in line. There is no escape when you're in line.

Today I was at the grocery store in line at the deli, when this woman gets in line behind me wearing what appears to be an autographed Eddie Money t-shirt starts humming. It made me insane, I actually flirted with the idea of smashing her face into the deli counter. Was that wrong? Of course I didn't lay a finger on her, I just kept yelling "SHUT UP" mentally until I gave myself a headache.

Now, when I'm trapped in the car with my mother, she hums. I yell at her, she thinks that it is funny, and she does it even more and much louder because she knows that she is making me nuts. Because I love my mother, I don't envision myself beating her senseless and I don't yell at her. I just glare at her while she hums, then she starts laughing. Then I start laughing because even though she drives me crazy, she does still crack me up with the things that she does. I think I will save her for another post.

I think that I have ranted enough. What are some of your pet peeves? Come on now, don't be shy.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Blog Envy

I think that I have Blog envy. I have been reading a few of my friends' blogs and many of them have lots of funny things to say and others have very profound things to say. I have had some funny things to say, but I don't think that I've had anything profound to say and I definitely don't have much in the way of advice to offer.

What I do have is my sense of humor. No matter how unfunny you may find me, I am usually able to crack myself up and I think that's all that matters.

So, as you may know, or not know, I am having my roof redone. My roofers are both pretty cute and buff. Anyway, this morning was pretty awkward. I never know where on the roof they are working. Turns out they are working right outside the window in my spare bedroom. It also turns out that I don't have the shades completely drawn in there.

This morning, I was running around getting dressed. Now, I have a lot of clothes, and I have them spread out among all three closets in my house, I have clothes in each bedroom. So I walked into the upstairs spare bedroom to get a shirt ( I was in pants and a bra) and there sitting on the roof working on it and facing the window, was my roofer. I was looking at him, he was looking at me. He almost fell off the roof. And if you've ever seen my rack, you would know why.

Needless to say, when I came out of the house and he came around the corner we did not make eye contact. I'm sure he was embarrassed. I was wondering if he was any good in bed and if his tongue could make me purr like a kitten. Was that wrong?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When A Picture is Worth A 1000 Words

I think that this picture says it all, wouldn't you agree?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Bee Very Afraid

This is a picture of my friend Marty, published of course with his permission. He is in a show called Death Is A Cabaret. You should check it out.

Anyway, this is one bee that I don't think I will be afraid of. And in case you are wondering, I'm working on my phobia.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Much Awaited, Long Anticipated, Bee Post

Well, many of you already know this story, but tough, I'm telling it again anyway.

I have also been what you might call afraid of bees. Now I am absolutely terrified of them and anything else that looks like it might sting me or that buzzes near me. I have been given mini heart attacks by many a fly these days.

So, how did I get this new found irrational fear you ask? Well, I'm so glad that you asked.

On June 2nd, I was at the gas station minding my own business, pumping my own gas, when I turned my head just in time to see a big bee flying right at me. This kamikazi bug was heading right for my face!!!! So, I did the only thing I could think of, I turned my face away. I thought that was the last of the bugger. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I finish pumping my gas and I climb into my car. I'm still a little paranoid about the bee, but I'm thinking that it had just flown away. So I'm sitting there putting my credit card away and I feel some pain coming from the back of my neck just over my shoulder. I reach back and pick at it and it hurts. My first thought was, I WAS STUNG!!! Then I tried telling myself that I wasn't stung, that there was no bee. But that didn't work.

Unfortunately, the sting was in a place too far back and I couldn't see it in the mirror to see if it was a real sting or not. Now, having never been stung I started to panic. What if I was allergic?? I mean, I have asthma, I have allergies, it's possible. So I start driving home and trying to tell myself I was not allergic and that it wasn't even a bee sting. Then I started wheezing, got to love asthma. Then I really started panicking. So I took a hit off my inhaler and kept driving trying to think about something else.

So I'm heading towards home and I decide to go to the vet's office and pick up my dog's medication, the one with the bad wound. So I walk into the vet's office about 25 minutes after the sting and I was not feeling well. I walk into the office and I was sweating and my hands were tingling and oh yeah the room was spinning. I walk up to the counter and the woman says, are you ok??? So I tell her that I think I was stung but I can't see it, she takes a look and says oh yeah, that's a sting. Then she says, I think you had better go to the doctor you don't look so good.

Well, there was no need to tell me twice. I took off out of there and went up to the Emergency Room as it was about 6 and my doctor's office was closed. They took me right in and had me put on a johnny, oh the joy. So, I'm sitting there waiting for the ER doctor, who just happened to be cute, after the nurses had already subjected me to some exams. While I'm sitting there, my other shoulder is starting to hurt, so I break out the mirror and what do I see, yeah you guessed it, another bee sting. The doctor comes to see me, looks at my stings, I explain that I only had one when I got there. He tells me that I did the right thing by coming in and he'll be back to check on me.

He comes back 2 hours later and I now have 4 bee stings showing. Yep, got there with one. He looks them all over. Tells me he will be back. I'm starving. 9:30 rolls around, he comes back and asks me how I'm feeling, I show him all 6 stings and he says I think you will be fine. Go home and take Benedryl. So I do what the doctor tells me. It's Thursday night, I go home and take Benedryl and sleep through Friday. I have some faint memories, but nothing really sticks out.

Now I hope you can see why I am so petrified of bees. And by the way, it was a Wasp as they are able to sting multiple times as where a bee cannot. A bee dies after the first sting. I'm pretty knowledgeable in the area of bees. I did some research after this incident.

So you tell me, am I really that irrational? I don't think so.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

And I thought that I was having a bad day Posted by Picasa

Pity Party, Table for One

Today was a horrible day and I would like some sympathy. The good news is that I survived the day. That's the only good news.

Today my roofer calls me at 9am, incase I forgot to mention it, I need a whole new roof. So the roofer, who is a younger guy, quite attractive, and very nice, called me and asked me if I wanted black shingles. I say yes, he says ok and he's off. Now, every time he calls me, we go through the same thing, he says hi, it's -----, well we'll just call him D. Then he asks me how I am and I say fine and I ask how he is and he says fine. Like I said, he's a doll.

Anyway, D calls me back at 11am to tell me that he just finished unloading all the shingles and they gave him the wrong color. Now he has to load all 60 bundles back up, each bundling weighing 85-100lbs. I say oh man and he says yeah.

So, most of the day goes by and I'm just busy at working. It's about 3:45pm and I start emailing my friend that everything seems to be going fine and to pray for me that nothing else goes wrong with my roof. Wouldn't you know that while I'm typing my email, my phone rings and yep you guessed it, the roofer.

So D calls me and tells me that my roof needs all new plywood which is going to increase the estimate by $1891, which wouldn't be a problem, except I'm poor. Anyway, I put my head in my hands and just listened and told D to go ahead.

So, I'm walking out to the parking lot towards my car at the end of what was certainly a miserable day. I was thinking how great, I was finally putting the day behind me. So as I approach my car, I see what looks like a bee wedged into the foglight/fender area.

Now, I am absolutely petrified of bees since the bee sting incident, which I did not yet blog about, but surely will. So, I decide to face my fears, go to the gas station, pump my own gas and get my car washed to get rid of the bees. The fear of pumping my gas goes along with the bee incident, which I will absolutely blog about next.

So, I am all fired up and I head off to the gas station, only to be stopped by a cop. The cop tells me that I am doing 53 in a 35. So there I sat on the side of the road in tears awaiting what will surely be a $285 ticket, cursing myself for trying to be bold and pump my own gas.

The cop comes back after what is surely 30 minutes after everyone has stared at me as they went by. I recall the times that I have stared at people and now feel somewhat guilty. Oh and my head is now pounding. So the cop comes back and tells me he gave me a ticket for 5 over. I could have kissed him. He told me that shouldn't affect my insurance. Again I want to kiss him.

Anyway, off I went, I pumped my own gas and got my car washed. However, when I got home, I think I still saw the bee stuck there, which leads me to believe it was dead all along.

I got home to see my house with a nice big tarp over the roof as D and his crew can't work anymore until tomorrow when they get the plywood. So I take the dogs outside for their evening walk, and what do I see, but bees flying around the tarp trying to get in.

Did I mention that I hate bees? Well, it's more like I'm terrified of them. So now I'm afraid to go to my bedroom and sleep as I am afraid that there will be some bees that found their way in. And with the day that I'm having can you really blame me???

Monday, July 04, 2005

No one in my area looks like either of these two.  Posted by Picasa

Online Dating..Round 2

Well, here it is summer and I am as single as you can get, having just kicked the mystery man to the curb. He is truly not worth any space on my blog, but I feel the need to vent.

I thought this man had potential, man was I WRONG. My spidey senses have been way off since the bee stings. Nevertheless, this idiot made asked me out, told me HE would call to make plans, and guess what??? Yep, you guessed it, he didn't call. Then he tried to blame it on me saying I never responded to his text message, well, um, what if I never got it??? Then he has the rhino balls to say, you could have called me. That comment made me beyond angry.

If you say you're going to call, then YOU need to call and you need not blame the other person for your lack of courtesy.

Ok, now that I've wasted enough time on him. I decided to rejoin Jdate to see if perhaps my Mr. Right had joined and was searching for me whilst I was away waiting around for Mr. Wrong to call.

So, I logged into my account and found that I had about 24 emails waiting for me. Several of them were from men in their mid 50s who actually think that they have a shot at me. WRONG. Besides, what my online experience has taught me is that if a guy is in his 40s and is hot and has never been married than there is something really wrong. My advice, RUN like the dickens and don't look back. I have made that mistake. Yep, been there, done that, have a t-shirt.

I pride myself on having learned something from each ended relationship and this one was of course no different. I have learned to be more assertive, not to take any bull and to be vocal about what I want. Of course having these qualities usually gets you the title of bitch. But you know what, I would rather be called a bitch then be a doormat for some jerk or be unhappy.

Anyway, wish me luck in the second round of my online dating endeavor, as I am sure as hell going to need it!!